Ockham’s Brand Razors T-Shirt


  • 100% middle-weight cotton t-shirt
  • Printed by a human, with hands!
  • Eco-responsible water-based inks
  • Print is as soft as the fabric
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Simple and sharp!

The elegance of simplicity can be yours with this very comfy midnight blue t-shirt. It’s a tribute to the brilliant William of Ockham, a famous Franciscan monk to whom the “razor” is attributed. Commonly paraphrased as “The simplest explination tends to be the more correct explanation.”

You may also notice that we didn’t use the more common spelling of “Occam”. We decided to go with the more historically accurate spelling of “Ockham” not only to honor the man himself but also to help start conversations. Someone will try to correct you on your choice of t-shirt only to hear about how this is the historically accurate spelling, and how they should bow before your knowledge! Extra bonus points if you laugh maniacally after the explanation.

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Dimensions 8 × 10 × 1 in
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