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The career path of Arya Stark

Arya Stark's Career

It seems that with the end of the recent Game of Thrones season we have confirmed the three careers of Arya Stark: Water dancer, faceless assassin, and master chef. In honor of this revelation, here’s a quick reference image for you to enjoy and share.

You’re welcome. See you all in 42 weeks for the next season!

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The new site is live!

So finally got off my ass and built the brand new web site which offers so much more than the old one I can hardly believe it. New loot will be coming soon of course but also more words. That’s right, only 5 years behind the curve I’ll be doing a blog type thing. There’s a list of topics even.

So for now, sit tights and keep an eye out for all the new river of amazing that is about to flow into your eye holes here at Maniacal!